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Certified in Planning and Inventory Management (CPIM)

A higher level of performance

Employers prefer it. Professionals who earn it perform at a higher level. The APICS Certified in Planning and Inventory Management (CPIM) designation empowers professionals with the ability to understand and evaluate planning and inventory activities within a company’s global operations. For decades, the CPIM program has delivered value in the careers of those who’ve earned it, and higher performance in companies that employ designees. In fact, more than 112,000 professionals have earned the CPIM designation since 1973.

Why you need to earn the APICS CPIM designation

APICS CPIM helps you master essential terminology, concepts and strategies related to:

          • Demand management
          • Procurement management
          • Supplier planning
          • Material requirements planning
          • Capacity planning
          • Sales and operations planning
          • Master scheduling
          • Performance measurements
          • Supplier relationships
          • Quality control
          • Continuous improvement

APICS CPIM education is essential if you are involved in:

          • Planning and inventory management
          • Operations
          • Supply chain management
          • Procurement
          • Materials management
          • Purchasing

An APICS CPIM designation will help you:

Earning the APICS CPIM demonstrates mastery of an organization’s internal operations and an in-depth understanding of materials management, master scheduling, forecasting, production planning and how it applies across the extended supply chain.

After earning the CPIM you will be able to:

          • Increase inventory accuracy and reduce inventory
          • Improve forecasting
          • Improve the S&OP process
          • Manage and apply capacity resource planning
          • Work more productively with your company’s ERP system

How to get there

The CPIM Learning System content is divided in to 14 modules across two parts. The concepts and best practices you learn will help you elevate your job performance, drive improvement in the efficiency of planning and operations, and make a positive impact on your organization’s overall bottom line.

           Part 1

          • Module 1: Supply Chain Overview
          • Module 2: Fundamentals of Demand Management
          • Module 3: Plan Supply
          • Module 4: Executing the Supply Plan
          • Module 5: Inventory Management
          • Module 6: Continuous Improvement and Quality Management and Technologies

          Part 2

          • Module 1: Strategy
          • Module 2: Sales and Operations Planning
          • Module 3: Demand
          • Module 4: Supply
          • Module 5: Inventory
          • Module 6: Detailed Schedules
          • Module 7: Distribution
          • Module 8: Quality, Continuous Improvement, and Technology

Set for Success

If you’re ready to take your career in supply chain business operations to the next level, ASCM New Haven Chapter is here to guide your success in earning the widely sought-after APICS Certified in Planning and Inventory Management (CPIM) certification.
Our courses are delivered locally and led by experienced instructors who have earned the APICS CPIM credential. Their expert guidance will help to ensure that you are fully prepared to pass the 2 exams required to reach your goal of earning this well-respected credential.

Contact: Chaz Allis
Phone: 860.759.9107

To help you further prepare for your APICS CPIM exams, we offer the new, streamlined APICS CPIM Learning Systems, a comprehensive professional development and exam preparation tool. The APICS CPIM Learning Systems combine reading materials in print and electronic formats and online interactive tools to help you successfully prepare for your CPIM exams.
The learning system is based on the APICS CPIM body of knowledge providing you with:

          • One comprehensive system to prepare you for APICS CPIM certification
          • Streamlined content with targeted learning tools and practice questions
          •  Customized study plan to identify and focus on topics that need review
          •  Practical knowledge and skills to benefit your career and your employer immediately

For more information about the learning system available to become Certified in Planning and Inventory Management (CPIM)